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At Pixel Labs, creating new and exciting things is what gets us up in the morning and what keeps us working late into the night. The enthusiasm, experience and talent we invest into our projects is unrivalled. Want to see it for yourself? You’ll find us working our magic in our studio in the heart of Leicester. Come on up and have a chat. The kettle’s already on.

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Our blend of creativity, practicality and industry know-how has seen our company take giant leaps from the tiny agency it first was 14 years ago. Our mission today? To create completely bespoke websites and strategies that inspire your customers and make your business bloom. Our clients are our number one priority and we take real pride in what we do. You see, we don’t go the extra mile - we go four. Or five. Whatever it takes to make your project perfect.

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Martin Wood

Managing Director

When Martin founded the agency way back in 2002, it’s unlikely that he imagined the kind of company we’d be today.

But ever since then, he’s overseen the company’s evolution and welcomed the expansion of staff and workload. He’s the one that you’ll find out and about, meeting clients, and constantly developing the business to move it forward towards its new goals.

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Anish Joshi


Anish has always had an interest in design and development, and now he’s in the lucky position of being paid to do just that.

With four years' experience of building beautiful websites, Anish joined the Pixel Labs team in 2015. Ever since then he’s continually contributed his website crafting skills to the company, ensuring that everything he builds is nothing less than pixel perfect for our clients.

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A true creative at heart, James is always looking for new and out-of-the-box ways to create intuitive user interfaces.

Ever since he can remember James has always been creating, whether that be at work or developing his own personal creative projects, he has a real passion for building things from scratch. Like most creatives, he can often be found working to the beat of his favourite songs.

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Josh Chamberlain


Having been in the marketing game for a good six years, Josh is the man to sort out your SEO and plan your PPC.

Joining Pixel Labs in 2015, he heads up our marketing division where he works to boost the online rankings and reputations of our clients. You’ll usually find him at his desk chatting to clients, plotting supreme strategies and nibbling on the odd Graze box or two.

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Heather Wheatley


Telling stories before she could even put pen to paper, Heather has always been drawn to the art of words.

Studying literature at university only further fuelled her love for language and the ways that it can affect how we are perceived by the world. The newest team-member of Pixel Labs can usually be found with headphones firmly affixed to her ears as she composes her next epigrammatic paragraph.

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